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Security Training

The Security Field is growing very rapidly and companies are stretched to provide adequate personnel to fill their requirements.

Lakeland Firearms & Training Center (LFTC) is a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to providing training to those wishing to join this rapidly growing field.  

We provide all training courses required by the State of Florida including the 42 hr Unarmed Security Guard (Class D), 28 hr Armed Security (Class G) and the 4 hr Armed Security Requalification.

In addition to the standard D and G courses we also offer optional courses for handcuffing, OC Spray, Baton and Taser.  Security guards who posses these optional certifications are more valuable to their employers and are generally more in demand.


If you are new or inexperienced with firearms don't let that stop you from a new exciting career! We offer basic pistol classes to give you a foundation into your security training. We also offer private one on one training to prepare you for the state required shooting qualification. 


We service St. Pete, Tampa, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Orlando and other surrounding areas. We are centrally located in Polk County which is 45 minutes from St. Pete/Clearwater and 45 minutes from Orlando.



42 Hr. Unarmed Security Course $160

The Security D Course is a 42 hour training class that will teach students the basic principles of security including; physical security, access control, terrorism awareness and emergency procedures. You need this course/license in order to take the armed course. This course takes place over 4 days. 

4 Hr. State of Florida “G” Requalification/8 hour range day $125

The State of Florida requires a yearly 4hr requalification to maintain your G License. Requalification must be done every year with the type of handgun you carry on duty. This link is used for the 8 hour needed range day for online as well. 

Gunshot Trauma and CPR $150

Gunshot Trauma and CPR class - 8 hours, Learn how to andress and control blood trauma including gunshots, you'll also recieve a State Recognized CPR certificate. This course is great for caretakers, nurses, teachers, instructors, parents/guardians, etc

28 Hr. Armed Security “G” Course $275

The 28 hour G course is a highly specialized Security Officer training course; designed to get you familiar with the aspects of being an Armed Security Officer. You must have or  already taken

 unarmed license class or be issued your license and must legally be allowed to possess a firearm. Firearm, belt, and magazine holder rental $35 - student is responsible for ammo, 200 rounds needed 

Baton, OC Spray and Handcuff Class $150

ASP Baton, OC Spray and Handcuff Certification is the most dynamic impact weapon and restraint training available. ASP training incorporates easily remembered and devastatingly effective techniques.(OC Certification doesn't require being sprayed)

8 Hour Range Day for Online G security


This is the 8 hour range day course for the online students needing to complete the final day for G class, we expect students to be prepared fully to complete the shooting qualification since they have opted out of instructor led gun training for our in person class.

No Experience With Firearms?

We offer a full range of Firearm Courses from Beginner to Instructor. We Suggest taking one of these courses prior to taking the armed security class.

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