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Firearms Training

Lakeland Firearms & Training Center (LFTC) is a veteran founded company dedicated to providing training to those wishing to learn to use firearms with the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude to do so safely.


Whether you are an individual who has absolutely no experience with firearms, you have experience but wish to “kick it up” a notch or you are going into Security or Law Enforcement and need to pass a qualification or want to become an NRA Firearms Instructor….. we have a program tailored just for you.


We offer the full range of NRA Firearms courses from beginner to instructor.


Our courses are offered on a scheduled basis as well as on demand for our VIP Courses (min 5 students) and One-On-One Courses (2.5 x basic price)

Florida CCW - $59 per person

 -3 to 4 hours, 1 day class

- Shoots 10 rounds

- Course fee covers pistol rental and ammo

- Course Topics: Firearm Safety, Permit Restrictions, Shooting Live rounds at the range

- You'll recieve your completion certificate at the end of class

- Must be 18 to attend, 21 to get permit issued

Defensive Pistol/Draw From Holster - $195 per person

- 6 to 8 hours, 1 day class​

- Teaches how to draw from holster and faster pace shooting

- Shoots up to 250 rounds

- Bring the gun you want to train with a holster and extra magazines

- Rent a gun and holster for $35 for the course

- Course Topics: clearing malfunctions, fundamentals of marksmanship, shooting from holster, shooting with shot timer.

- Students must have taken the fundamentals or basic pistol class prior to joining this course. 

Handgun Fundamentals Workshop - $135 per person​

- 4 hours, 1 day class​

- Shoots 200 rounds (you must supply the ammo)

- Bring the gun you own already or rent one for $35 additional

- Course covers the 5 fundamentals of shooting

- Perfect for new shooters or shooters with no structured background

Tactical Shotgun/Home Defense Shotgun


- 5 hours, 1 day class

- Shoots up to 100 rounds but can be done with 50 rounds

- Bring your home defense styled shotgun  

- Best to use buckshot but course can be done with birdshot

- Rentals are available for $35 (students are responsible for the ammo)


Basics of Pistol Shooting - $160 per person

- 8 hours, 1 day class​

- Shoots up to 200 rounds

- 22 caliber pistols are provided along with 22lr ammo

- You may bring your own gun (must supply your own ammo)

- Course Topics: pistol parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, steps on cleaning your gun, firing sequence

- Class is for any skill level, new shooters, first time gun owners, etc

Basic Shotgun for trap/skeet/hunting - $180 per person

- 10 hours, 1 day class​

- Shoots up to 100 rounds

- You will need to provide your own shotgun and ammo (birdshot only)

- Rentals are available for $35 (student is responsible for ammo)

- This class teaches the basics of clay, trap, skeet, and bird hunting style of shooting.

- Any experience level student can take this class

Don’t forget about the kids

We offer free kids safety classes and an interactive safety book to review at home.

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