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Kids Safety

At Lakeland firearms, we hope to encourage and foster the love of shooting sports. The Gun Safety for Kids course is designed for children that may have not been exposed to firearms safety yet. It is fun and easy, and the best part is, we offer it at no cost to you!

At Lakeland Firearms we take gun safety seriously! Here's a few key points:

  • How to respond if they come across a firearm.

  • We do not glorify or demonize the use/ownership of firearms.

  • We will show a gun safety cartoon that does the bulk of the teaching.

  • There's no age requirement for the class but this course is geared towards elementary school aged kids.

  • Parent or Guardian must stay with the child throughout the duration of the course

  • We will offer snacks and beverages and take a picture with all the kids with their completion certifications.

Kids Gun Safety Course

1 hour, Kid friendly (no graphic content), Best for Elementary


Maleah Finds a Surprise

This book teaches kids a valuable lesson on what to do if they ever find a gun. This book continues the lessons at home and can be purchased in store or on amazon. 

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